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The ‘Fleuriste Nail Box' was established by business owner Theresa Teh whose have 13 years experince in nail & spa industry since 2011. Fleureste Nail Box is the best nail spa salon in Malaysia and our nail specialists are master of their craft. Eash of our client must walk out of the salon with amazing manicure and pedicure spa experience.

Fleuriste Nail Box is an exclusive and cozy Japanese nail spa salon located in town Malacca. Ous salon is fully furnished with a cozy muji & ratten ambiance, we set ourselves apart by bringing you a nail sanctuary where you can unwind while our nail specialist take meticulous care of you hands&feet and also lashes.

We provide highly skilled team of nail and lash specialist and experts offer high-quality services. We realize that your nails and lashes are your signature and that you mush feel great about it everyday. 
A manicure is a finger nail service in which we shape your nails, push back the cuticles, cut the dead skin around your cuticles, clean under the free edges, buff your nails, then massage your hands and arms, and finally apply your favorite color polish to your nails.

A Pedicure includes trimming, shaping, and polishing toenails. It also includes foot massage and the removal of ingrown toenails and any callous or dead skin on the bottom of your feet.
Once every two weeks for a Manicure and once a month for a Pedicure will bring maximum results in softening your cuticles, your hands and your feet, and in keeping your nails healthy, growing faster and in good shape.

You have to apply nail strengthen or nail repair serum to your nails. There are some good nail hardeners for the treatment of soft, peeling, bitten, weak, thin or brittle nails. Refer to us for more details of nail repair treatments. 
Absolutely they can, and they have to. In fact, men need a regular Manicure and Pedicure to have soft skin and good nail shape (of course without any color).
From the beginning, we have always provided our manicure service without the use of a soaking bowl. When we immerse our nails in water, the nail plate temporarily expands and it takes 24 hours for them to return to their natural state.

After you have applied polish to expanded nails, when the nails reduce to their normal size, the polish will react by chipping. Another positive that a dry manicure affords is precise grooming.

Similar to our nail plates, when soaked in water, our skin puffs up and tends to hide dry skin and imperfections where we cannot see and fix them.

A dry manicure is the simple answer to the healthiest nails and the longest-lasting polish ever!
Gel polish typically last about three weeks for most poeople.

The durability of gel polish depends on the specific condition and how frequently you use your hands for activities. 
Yes. There is NO evidence that implies any product used during a manicure (UV, acrylic or otherwise) is harmful to the mother or the fetus.

A doctor who will advise you otherwise is referring to the sanitary concerns that arise from salons and spas that do not properly disinfect their implements, use proper nail products or maintain a clean and well-ventilated atmosphere.
Services may be shortened to accommodate late arrivals. If you run late more than 15 minutes, we will possibly have to skip your appointment time and move on to the next waiting customers. We will do our best to accommodate you by placing you into the waiting list or reschedule your appointment to next available slot.
In case you need to reschedule your appointment, please call us at 013-7112233 to update your appointment status. We kindly request at least 24 hours notice for any changes to your schedule appointment on normal day, 72 hours notice for festive period bookings, etc CNY, XMAS.

Upon accumulating a total 3 non-shows, customer will be required to pre-pay for their booking. Fail to show up for the appointment, paid treatment will be deemed as utilized.

For festive periods, your deposit can be carried over to your rescheduled appointment if given by 3 days noticed. For re-booking, you may carry your deposit over for your next service or we will require the payment again when you book in.

Deposit of carried over only validate for a week base on pre-booking date. Failing to arrive or any cancellation of your appointment, will result in the LOSS of your deposit.

We understand that this can be an inconvenience when something comes up unexpectedly, although it means we are also inconvenienced due to no-shows and late cancellation as we are run our appointments strictly.
Our gift vouchers and cash vouchers are available for sell at our shop. Please come to our nail salon or call us for more details.
We do host private event at Fleuriste Nail Box such as Kidz Party, Ladies Party, Bridal Showers and Birthday Party.

Minimum 6 paxs are required to set up a party. Our shop will be close for private events. The party’s duration will be 3 hours. It might be extend due to the increasing numbers of guests.

For private events, booking 3 weeks in advance.

Contact us for more details and packages.
The price of a design usually depends on its level of difficulty and complicatedly. Normally a nail design for two nails cost RM8. Price might vary from RM5 to RM 25.
In most cases, we don’t charge for nail fixes within 5 days, except for nail extension or accidentally broke due to careless.
YES! We have plenty parkings spaces around our spa salon.
Artificial Nails include Acrylic, Silk, Fiberglass, Linen, Paper, and Gel. Standing out from the crowd is Acrylic due to its strength, durability, and affordable price. Acrylic is the most popular artificial nail now.

Silk/Fiberglass Nail is lighter and looks natural; however, it won’t stay very well if you happen to wash your hands a lot. Acrylic Nail is much stronger, and you can do almost any kind of work.

A skillful nail technician can make Acrylic Nail also look natural and light. There are two more good things about Acrylic Nail: you pay less money and spend less time at nail salon.
There is absolutely no reason for you to worry about wearing artificial nails.

Today, many preventive medicines are available to you, which, when used daily, will condition your nails and cuticles, and also prevent you from getting the mould or fungus. Ask our nail technicians about these products.
NO! Gel manicure should never harm your natural nails. With the proper application and removal, your nails should remain in the same condition you started with. Some clients may notice white patches on their nails occasionally; this is due to dryness. To combat this, regularly apply a cuticle oil or conditioner on your nails.
No! and No! Three scientific experts recently de-bunked this myth by conducting a study to measure the amount of UVA and UVB exposure you receive from an average UV manicure.

Here are the facts: If you had one manicure every two weeks, the amount of UVB (burn) exposure is equivalent to spending an extra 4-6 minutes in the sun and the amount of UVA (age) exposure? An extra 2 minutes. You are more vulnerable to UV exposure during your lunch break outside or your car ride to work than you are during your gel manicure.
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